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Customer health care enhanced by Humana National Care Center

Customer health care enhanced by Humana National Care Center

The newly constructed Humana National Care Center aims in offering consumer-centric health care support. This care center is much common by the name of Humana Cares, which offers exceptional quality services to its consumers and many other Medicare beneficiaries, present throughout the entire nation. This article reports the entire operations of Humana Cares along with a detailed summary of its services to the members.

The newly established Humana National Care Center, also commonly known as Humana Cares, has promised to enhance customer-centric health care by providing quality service. In this care center, the doctors, nurses and the customer care executives offer telephonic support and on-site assistance to enhance healthcare condition of the consumers of Humana, residing throughout the country.

Humana Cares has undertaken many improved measures to offer such health care services to its members. Whenever, any of the Humana members faces health troubles, they can avail instant care and assistance from Humana Cares. There is a manager who supervises the dissemination of health care services to all those consumers who requires them. Even there is a service home delivery option that is available to the consumers, who are not able to move out from their home because of health disorders. Generally this operates in delivering drugs and prescribed medicines to the homes of the patients (consumers).

Not only this, but Humana Cares also helps its members to avail emergency health care services whenever required. This implies that one who has subscribed for Humana Medicare Advantage Program, can really avail lots of health care benefits and services, whenever needed.

With the aid of the Humana Cares agenda, the country's one of the biggest health care benefits organization; Humana Inc. assists the Medicare Advantage consumers along with its other associates to access better health situations and confront various health threats. It also helps its consumers in availing systematic health care to improve their standard of living. Recently at St. Petersburg, by the side of Carillon Business Park, the 37,000 ft* Humana National Care Center (Humana Cares) building has been constructed by the Humana Inc. It is the seat of health care service operations of Humana.

The headquarters of Humana Inc. is present in Louisville, Kentucky and it is one of the leading health care services providers of USA, serving around 10.6 million Medicare Advantage program beneficiaries.

Humana Inc. presently offers a host of different health plans and benefit options to the company employers, governmental organizations and also to the general people. In two years from now, Humana Inc. will be completing its golden jubilee and over this period of above four decades, the company has mastered in customer care services and offering health care policies to those people who have limited monthly income.

The Humana National Care Center is ready to enroll above 275 members, with policies to increase its active employees to above 325 till the year 2009 finishes. The center offers 100% customized telephonic health care counseling, care administration, healthcare tutoring and assistance to enhance the quality of care services for around 30,000 Medicare Advantage policy holders. Generally these members of Humana MA plans have poor income and are affected with disabilities, for whom Humana Cares offers support all over the country.

There are special field care managers, professional health care professionals, private nurses and health tutors who are especially assigned by Humana Cares to offer managed care services and spread health care awareness among the people. At present all these personnel's work under Humana Cares and operates in 14 states of USA. These states are Kentucky, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, Pennsylvania, Utah, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, Ohio and Wisconsin. Many of the health care professionals of Humana Cares offer services by being in their residential state only.

The President of Humana Cares; Jean Bisio, has remarked that their aim is to work in the most righteous way and provide the best possible health care services to the needy consumers. Bisio also said that the Humana Cares executives work in cooperation with the consumers by establishing a friendly interaction in between. This helps them to offer better services to the consumers and their family members.

Under Humana Cares every consumer gets specialized and personalized health education. Counseling on availing the right kind of treatment for different health disorders is also offered to the consumers, including their families by the center's advisors. There is a manager appointed by Humana Cares who personally assesses the prescriptions of consumers and guarantees pharmaceutical services to be offered to the consumers. Service is also provided to these members and their families to help them access health care resources in their own residential area.

Nearly hundred employees have been recruited by Humana cares in the year 2008 and at present it is on process of recruiting licensed nurses, health educators, social workers, support executives in its National Care Center building at St. Petersburg and also in its other branches, present nationwide.

Most of the Humana Medicare Advantage consumers are affected with heart diseases, lung disorder, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, optical illness and various other chronic disorders. Many patients have even reported of having multiple diseases in their bodies. Thus from this, one can imagine how Humana Cares is offering care services to such a wide number of patients affected with different health disorders.

The formulation of Humana Cares is the result of the termination of Green Ribbon Health Medicare Health Support lead agenda, which was a mutual endeavor of Pfizer (one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies) and Humana Inc. that commenced in the year 2005 and rendered health cares services to about 20,000 Medicare consumers, residing at West Central Florida.

For additional facts and records about Humana Inc. and Humana Cares program individuals can log in at their official website, which is Here the details and the editions of the company's annual turnover, company events and proceedings, corporate relations, programs, tasks, services, and many other important updates are available.

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