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Fox Insurance and NAIM jointly power EGWP marketing

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Fox Insurance and NAIM jointly power EGWP marketing

Fox Insurance and NAIM jointly power EGWP marketing

Reputed Medicare Part D supplier, Fox Insurance Company, has entered into a partnership with NAIM (National Association of Insurance), to gear up the marketing and sales of their latest EGWP (Employer Group Waiver Plans) product. This will enable professional unions, trader groups and the employers of different companies, to purchase prescription drug coverage plans for their employees at a much lesser rate. The Medicare beneficiaries will also be able to get huge benefits and price waivers with the aid of this product. This article discusses about the various features and advantages of the collaboration between the two organizations and the other benefits of the product.

Fox Insurance Company, a Medicare Part D program selling company of New York proclaimed on March 20, 2009 proclaimed about its collaboration with NAIM (National Association of Insurance) in order to do marketing of their latest EGWP product, that offers union and employer sponsored retirement benefits.

This agreement in between the two organizations and it will offer above 200,000 autonomous agents to Fox Insurance Company. These agents will help in promoting and selling the different insurance products of Fox in those states, where Fox is officially permitted to do business and sell their services.

The collaboration carries on backing the Company's plan to concentrate on the increasing number of Medicare members, which is responsible for the gigantic development of the Fox Insurance Company from the year 2008.

The Senior Vice President of the Company; Anthony Arloro has indicated that the company's partnership with NAIM would be much advantageous in future. As per him, the alliance reveals the company's business tactics, which is based on the maintenance of internal functions concentrating on the health care and client service requirements, for the Medicare customers. The alliance will also focus to subcontract non-product related services, whenever found suitable. It is believed that it will permit Fox Insurance Company to concentrate on its main products, along with subcontracting their marketing requirements simultaneously.

The EGWP Program of Fox offer important benefits to the broad range of America's business units, together with considerable price savings to the recruiters on the money paid for the drugs, while transferring all the managerial, conformity and monetary venture from the recruiter or union to the company, with nominal interference to the enrollment. For instance, the recruiter's present prescription drug coverage policy outline can generally be retained.

NAIM remarks that the programs and products of Fox Insurance Company will help in lessening much of the fiscal problems that are faced by unions and employers groups of different private companies in this current phase of recession. It is believed that Medicare beneficiaries will be able to avail better quality of care through their respective plans, because of the alliance of Fox and NAIM.

Employer Group Waiver Plans, popularly known as EGWP, are being provided by the Medicare Part D plan sellers to the unions, associations and different employer groups, especially where the union or the recruiter is not in direct contact with the CMS (Center for Medicare Services). Therefore, in place of the CMS, the Medicare Part D seller contracts with the unions and recruiters of different companies, to manage the distribution of retirement benefits to the eligible recipients. Here, the Part D seller gets the direct grants, poor earning subventions and the reinsurance benefits for the Medicare recipients certified by the recruiters, and then distribute them suitably.

Fox Insurance Company is one of the leading Medicare Part D plan provider and an officially recognized 800 series EGWP supplier of the country. It is nationally certified to carry on trade and market its products in 39 states of USA along with the District of Columbia. Fox has many drug plans that offer coverage to a large variety of prescription drugs and medications, than that of Medicare. Its copayment constitution is easy to comprehend and self-explanatory, that comes along with price saving schemes for postal order prescriptions and pharmaceutical orders with prompt delivery option.

Fox offers excellent support and assistance to all its customers across the nation. Additional details about the company, its operations, its products, plans and services are available in their official website Customers and interested readers can also contact them in their helpline at 212.400.6134.


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