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Free e-prescribing service launched by Humana with Availity

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Free e-prescribing service launched by Humana with Availity

Free e-prescribing service launched by Humana with Availity

CarePrescribeSM, the free e-prescription services has been launched jointly by Availity and Humana Inc. for San Antonio physicians. With this, the patients can request for appropriate medications online. Physicians can also asses the medical reports and clinical data of each patients and prescribe required medications to them via CarePrescribe. In a way, this innovative e-prescription system has been predicted to transform the entire heath care scenario of the state and also the country. This article reports about this service in details in addition to mentioning the objectives behind its launch, companies credited to develop it and many other related facts.

Recently, doctors and physicians of San Antonio received some good news on February 25, 2009. It is the mega launch of the electronic prescription service for them at absolutely no cost. This free service has been launched by Humana Inc. in association with Availity® for offering more health care benefits to the patients. This electronic prescription service is known as CarePrescribeSM and can be presently accessible by the physicians and doctors of San Antonio for free.

This version of CarePrescribe has been developed on the similar model of the version of CarePrescribe, which was launched in the year 2008 by Availity in Florida. With the help of this free e-prescription service, physicians and doctors can now prescribe medications to their patients through online. This will help in minimizing the overall health care expenses and will also save much of the patient's time and money. In addition to this, through this innovative e-prescription service, the physicians can also reap the facilities of Medicare E-Prescribing Incentive Program.

CarePrescribe has been configured to guarantee complete safety for the patients, enable them to save money and also offers ease of use. CarePrescribe will allow the physicians and doctors of San Antonio to avail important data and then choose the suitable drugs and medicines which are inexpensive and is easily accessible by the patients. After choosing the medications; physicians can send them via online to the patients and also to the retailers, pharmaceutical centers etc. from where the physicians received the request of these prescriptions.

In addition to all this, CarePrescribe allows physicians to access the clinical records and the drug history of different patients in real-time mode. Not only this, patient's allergy and disease reports, health records, health insurance coverage information and many other details can also be accessed by the physicians. In short, CarePrescribe presents a patient's complete medical fact file at the finger tips of doctors, apart from offering them the free electronic prescription service.

Medicare has authorized CarePrescribe, which implies, that the physicians who will be using this application and transfer prescriptions online to patients and pharmacies, will avail incentives from Medicare by the year 2013.

The CEO of Availity, Julie Klapstein has remarked that Availity's prime objective is to make e-prescription service victorious by reforming the health care system and improving the way in which health care services is delivered to the patients. Utmost care and attention has been laid to design CarePrescribe, in order to make is a standalone e-prescription system that offers all-in-one services. It is not only meant to be of some use to the physicians but also to the patients. With this, the patients can avail the right medications anytime, as the entire process is online. This leads to faster delivery of care to the patients in times of need. So with this service, patients will not have to queue up before the pharmacies for prescriptions.

CarePrescribe is available to the physicians of San Antonio in the form of a portable gadget. This device is industry configured and designed to operate easily with the patient's health monitoring system. The portal gadget is attached to a desktop computer in which the e-prescription software is pre-installed. Such applications are already common in Texas, when Availity launched CarePrescribe in that state. By the end of 2009, the portable devices will be in full use in the whole of Texas.

Humana Inc. is offering special assistance and enhanced support to Availity for popularizing and deploying CarePrescribe, not only in San Antonio but also in the whole of Texas. The CEO of Humana Central and South Texas markets; Linda Hummel-McAlpin, has remarked that the prescribers have appraised CarePrescribe for enabling them to access patient's medical history along with other information. This allows them to carefully recommend the appropriate medications for the patients, depending on their health status and purchasing power. CarePrescribe has nullified chances of prescribing wrong medications by giving enough support and resources to the physicians.

Prematics, a health care IT and a care-communication organization is solely responsible for powering CarePrescribe technology. All the technical resources, software and hardware installation, support and training on the use of CarePrescribe are being offered by Prematics. For eligible physicians, Prematics will offer required assistance for free, in aid of Availity and Humana Inc.

Availity® helps in data exchange amid health care shareholders via an individual, protected network. Availity Health Information Network handles managerial, fiscal and medical services, assisting both the group and real-time exchange through online. Additional whereabouts and detailed information on CarePrescribe is available in their official website;

Humana Inc. is one of USA's leading health care benefits organizations that have its headquarters located at Louisville, Kentucky. It presently operates with a membership of 10.6 million health care associates. Humana Inc. offers a host of health care benefits plans and options to different individuals, private companies and government agencies.

Human Inc. is especially popular because of its exceptional delivery of services to its customers. Now by aiding in the launch of CarePrescribe with Availity, it is planning to renovate much of the health care practices in Texas. In the future, it is expected to augment CarePrescribe services to other states of the country leading to the betterment of health care system. Readers can log in to the official website of Humana Inc. i.e. for more information and program details of the company.

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