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Free Seminars by Care Improvement Plus For Medicare patients

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Free Seminars by Care Improvement Plus For Medicare patients

Free Seminars by Care Improvement Plus For Medicare patients

Most of the Medicare patients in the state of Texas are affected with chronic diseases. Many of them are still unaware on how to control and get rid of these diseases through effective treatment. Plus, they don't have the required knowledge about what type of Medicare Advantage plan they should opt for in order to get coverage for the treatment of these diseases. That is why, Care Improvement Plus; a Medicare Special Needs Plan has come for help. It has arranged a sequence of free seminars in the entire month of March, 2009 for all Medicare patients. It will offer all the information and solutions to the queries mentioned above, along with essential health tips. This article enumerates the report.

Care Improvement Plus will be organizing free seminars for the senior Medicare patients in Texas who are affected with chronic diseases. During these seminars, information will be offered by Care Improvement Plus on different Medicare Advantage SNP's (Special Needs Plans). In addition to this, advice and guidance will be provided to the Medicare recipients for helping them to lead a healthy life.

Care Improvement Plus is the leading Medicare Advantage SNP of Texas. It is the most popular coverage option for all the residents of the state and also for those who are affected with chronic disorders like cardiac diseases, diabetes, lung problems etc. By arranging these seminars it will be offering important counseling on health and nutrition, its own plan provisions for the year 2009 etc.

These sequences of seminars will be organized during the entire month of March 2009 in entire Texas. All the Medicare customers are allowed to join these seminars at absolutely no cost. The main idea behind organizing these seminars is to educate the people about Medicare SNP's and how they can fulfill their individual requirements through these plans. Care Improvement Plus has also aimed in enhancing better health environment all through the state by arranging these interactive seminars.

The National Director (communities) for Care Improvement Plus; Lisa Nelson, has claimed that most of the people, (especially the elders) residing in Texas are affected with serious chronic disorders, which may lead to severe difficulties, unless controlled. Nelson believes that the seminars will help in pointing out the causes and the necessary solutions to manage these health disorders. It will also teach the people about the various plans of Care Improvement Plus and its appropriateness for individuals by which people can effectively get coverage for the treatment of these health disorders.

Interested Medicare customers can contact Care Improvement Plus at their toll-free helpline, viz. 1-866-766-8659 (TTY: 1-866-679-3052), in order to have additional information on the seminars and to enroll for a particular seminar. These seminars will be held in different locations of the state on different scheduled dates. So customers need to enquire about this from the helpline. After that, they can enroll for any one of the seminars in a location, which is convenient to attend.

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