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Growth of Medicare Managed Care Membership is going sluggishly

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Growth of Medicare Managed Care Membership is going sluggishly

Growth of Medicare Managed Care Membership is going sluggishly

Earlier, the rate of growth of Medicare Advantage Managed Care membership was found to be increasing from year to year. But gradually this rate of growth has slowed down hugely since the year 2007. This article reports this fact by giving the essential data of the number of members, who actually joined this type of Medicare coverage. It also bears special reference to Medicare Business Online TM, that helps people in getting required updates and amendments made for Medicare enrollment.

About 10.421 million Beneficiaries from all over the country were registered to the Medicare Advantage programs since January 2009. But, when the rate of new enrollment for Medicare is measured since January 2008, it has been found that there is a net 14% increment from the previous year to this year. However, the growth rate of 2008 is found to be slow when measured against with that of 2007. More previously, the rate of new membership used to increase by a rate of 18.5% yearly. So when judged as a whole, the growth rate of Medicare Managed Care Membership is found to be going sluggishly, as announced this January 22, 2009. At present the Medicare Advantage Managed Care programs provides healthcare coverage to about 25% of the entire number of beneficiaries.

The countrywide registration for the individual PDP's (Prescription Drug Plans) has also decelerated stridently since the year 2008. On January 1, 2009 the number of PDP membership was measured at 17,447,201 when the plans went through a combined increment of only 218,510 associates on the year. The rate of growth of membership for the PDP's was merely 1.3% when valuated to the growth rate of 3.6% as of 2007. The number of membership in reality dropped down to 37,404 associates from December 2008 to January 2009. The number of membership for PDP also dropped down to 10,417 associates from December 2007 to January 2008. The Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans offered coverage for prescribed medicines to about 61% of the Medicare recipients. About 74% associates of Medicare Advantage Programs have also subscribed to plans that offer coverage for buying prescribed drugs and medicines.

Mark Farrah Associates or MFA; one of the pioneers in evaluating health insurance market, will publish a fully evaluated report of the Medicare Advantage Managed Care plans shortly in this year 2009.

With such a lesser number of beneficiaries registered in Medicare Supplementary or the Medicare Advantage plans, the major organizations and companies are even now in the quest of growth prospects. In order to demonstrate the registration amendments of in Medicare Advantage and similar programs, the Medicare Business Online TM section has been upgraded. So interested individuals are requested to register for this essential record of market share online, in order to know about the market pioneers and losers in various categories (like by state, organization or others). Medicare Business Online TM section is updated every month and it requires a smaller price to use.

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