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Health care expenses will rise to 8000 dollars per individual

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Health care expenses will rise to 8000 dollars per individual

Health care expenses will rise to 8000 dollars per individual

As per a report that was published by the Department of Health and Human Services recently, it was found that in this year 2009, the health care expenses might rise to $8,000 in average for every individual. This has posed a severe challenge in the present phase of recession. Plus, it has also created an obstruction to the implementation of health care reform activities, necessitating the improvement of the economic condition of the country at the very beginning. This article reports the predictions made by the report in details, along with the possible way outs from this impending issue.

The government brought out a new report on health care expenses on February 24, 2009. The report has bewildered many people including the present US President Barack Obama. The president was going to deliver a speech on the night of February 24, 2009, in a Congress meeting and at that time only, everyone present there was stunned by the statements of the report.

The Department of Health and Human Services has released the report, which states that soon the health care expenses will rise to $8,000 by this year 2009. This is generally a major economic blow in this current phase of recession.

Obama in collaboration with the policymakers was supposed to formulate various health care strategies that will help in renovating the health care system of the country. But now, with the release of this report, the task of reforming health care condition seems to be much difficult than earlier.

With the recession already hitting the tax receipts, the huge hospital grants of Medicare that were so longer reserved, is now losing money speedily. The report states that if this flowing of funds from the Medicare vault goes on at this rate, then within 2016, the Medicare hospital trust will completely get dissolved because of the dearth of funds. This is in fact a worst nightmare for the entire Medicare team.

Simultaneously, the Government's existing hefty share in the newly proposed health care bill of the country will go on increasing.

Medicaid and some other health insurance programs are increasing their coverage, as most of the people turns out jobless and lose their employer-offered health insurance. In addition to this, the baby boomers will shortly start attaining the age of 65 years and then enroll for Medicare. Such tendencies collectively signify that by the year 2016, those who pay the taxes will soon become accountable for above 50% of the country's new health care bill.

The statisticians remarks that views for health care expenditure at the time of this current recession period, is loaded with dreadful challenges.

However the new legislation, which increased health care coverage for the children of the families with limited earnings, is not taken into consideration by the report that forecasts the health care expenses.

Palmer, the person accountable for supervising the Social Security and Medicare Funding states that the report adds more responsibilities on the lawmakers' shoulders to put greater stress on the health care improvement project. As per Palmer, if actions are not taken immediately, then the economic and the health care condition of the country will be beyond recovery.

It was discovered by the report that the health care expenses will rise to $8,160 by for each individual (irrespective of men, women and children) by this year 2009. When compared with that of last year 2008, there is a net increment of $356 (for each individual).

For the time being, the number of people who are devoid of any health insurance has grown to around 48 million. This is as per a survey analysis that was conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation in this regard.

On the other hand, governmental statistics predicts that by the year 2018, the health care expenses will attain a value of $13,100 for every individual.

The legislators have tried of slowing down the rise in expenditure, but it was proved to be complicated. This is because the American technique of health care depends excessively on the application of expensive state-of-the-art clinical equipments and treatment practices. Private health care investigators have found that among the different health diseases, the treatment for cardiac and mental diseases is considered as most expensive.

Even President Obama considers that unmanageable expenditures create the major hindrance to offer health care coverage for each and every people.

Reid Cherlin, the official spokesperson of the White House has remarked that the rising health care expenses are the main causes for destroying families with limited income potential and the small industries which are responsible for creating employment in the nation. President Obama thus stated that for reforming the country's economy and its health care condition, it is important to curb the health care expenses at the very beginning.

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