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Health Integrated Joins CareOregon to Improve Healthcare Services

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Health Integrated Joins CareOregon to Improve Healthcare Services

Health Integrated Joins CareOregon to Improve Healthcare Services

Health Integrated and CareOregon has teamed up with each other in order to offer better health care services to their members living at Oregon and affected with chronic disorders, generally depression and diabetes problems. They have also developed a comprehensive training program for the members so as to educate and train them to take care of their health and avail treatment accordingly. This article discusses the various features of the partnership and the scheduled programs.

One of the popular not-for-profit health care program offering Medicare and Medicaid managed care options called CareOregon, has entered into collaboration with the prominent health care organization; Health Integrated, on March 25 of this year 2009 at Portland. The collaboration is mainly done in order to enhance the standard of health care services and for the subscribers of CareOregon, who are affected with chronic diseases like depression problems, diabetes etc.

Health Integrated has concentrated on comprehending and dealing with the decisive interaction amidst physiological and clinical health. Lately this month, it got the official approval for surpassing the country's peak accomplishment level in around 7 health disorder sectors, among which depression and diabetes is also listed.

Health Integrated has its innovative 'Synergy Targeted Population Management' system, which can enhance the quality of health care and minimize expenses for the Medicaid customers.

CareOregon will employ this program system in order to offer education, training and assistance to have efficient control over depression and diabetes and prevent it from affecting its subscribers, in the most cost-effective ways.

CareOregon has promised that it will offer accessibility to the required health care services to all the members at Oregon, especially those who have a severe health condition. The company has the CareSupport program, which employs team support methodologies to assist the mental and physical health of the members. Care Oregon's partnership with Health Integrated will assist in expanding health care and developing its quality. The Synergy technology of Health Integrated is intended to enable the customers to care for their health and fitness, in spite of the presence of financial and social constraints.

In the United States, chronic diseases are regarded as a critical problem. Around 140 million residents of the country have become prey to these types of illnesses. A typically unbalanced proportion of Medicaid consumers are affected with such illness and mental disorders. The expenses for the treatment and care for healing such diseases are huge to be afforded by many patients. Also, the availability of efficient care services for the treatment of such illness is many times absent, delayed or improperly conducted.

The collaboration in between CareOregon and Health Integrated aims in eradication of such improper treatment practices and to ensure timely delivery of care services to the needy patients.

The partnership's prime objective is to inculcate proper education and motivating the patients to know about their health conditions and opt for care services depending on that. Then only it will lead to the development of a healthy community in Oregon.

The Synergy Targeted Population Management system program has an exclusively skilled health care expert; an enthusiastic trainer, whose role is to create a customized training procedure, tailored to suite the requirements of each of the members. The trainer helps the people in drafting aims individually, depending on their health status and offer resources to assist these members so that they can accomplish their aims. Plus, the coach assists them in recognizing and eradicating their mental and psychological obstacles by following the health care program. The trainer also cheers the patients to consult with their doctors and disclose the problems they are facing and take required medications. All the subscribers of CareOregon will be offered these facilities for free.

Presently, CareOregon offers Medicare Advantage plans to around 5,300 seniors including other patients of Oregon and renders managed care benefits of Medicaid to over 100,000 customers of Oregon Health program. It is dedicated to enhance and safeguard the health condition and wellbeing of the patients at risk. It offers many health care plans and programs that suites each and every individual of Oregon regardless of their income status. More details about the organization's proceedings, programs etc. are available in their official website at

Health Integrated is a reputed health care management firm developed with the idea of developing a healthy and disease free society. It is the result of an entrepreneurial initiative that works in cooperation with the health insurers, health care programs and their associates in order to enhance the quality of life and health, by the perfect use of resources in an affordable way. One can stopover at in order to avail more information and updates about the company dealings, programs, scheduled events and others.

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