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Health Net assist chronic patients use prescription drugs correctly

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Health Net assist chronic patients use prescription drugs correctly

Health Net assist chronic patients use prescription drugs correctly

Health Net Inc. and its subordinate company, Health Net Pharmaceutical Services, have released the success reports of its innovative Medication Therapy Management program. With this nationally acknowledged program it can assist its Medicare patients affected with multiple chronic disorders, to take the required prescription medications correctly. Also it will help them to cut down extra pharmacy costs. This article enumerates the story.

On March 4, 2009, HNPS, also known as Health Net Pharmaceutical Services; a pharmacy benefit administration subordinate of Health Net Inc. brought out the reports of a research that was conducted by it last year. The report shows that Health Net's very own Medication Therapy Management program also known as MTM program, has attained 90% of the entitled Medicare Part D recipients of Health Net, in the year 2008.

As per the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), the program's enrollment scale has surpassed 65% of the countrywide average. That is why, Health Net was chosen by the CMS as one among 10 of the other Medicare Part D benefactors, to take part in a lead project and conduct comprehensive scrutiny on the MTM program results.

The MTM Program of Health Net assists the Medicare Part D customers who are affected with more than one chronic illness and following several drug prescriptions, to take their medications properly and thereby minimizing their unnecessary pharmacy costs.

Health Net signed up nearly 90,000 customers for its MTM program in the year 2008. Among those exceeding 162,000 DRP's (Drug Related Problems) that were traced, the pharmacists were able to intrude in nearly 50,000 to raise the rate of taking drugs often, 45,000 to explicate possibly undesirable medicinal upshots, 44,000 to minimize the expenses of treatment, 20,000 to cement the loopholes in health care with the aid of physicians, and the rest 3,000 to terminate supplementary medicinal treatment.

As per the Chief Clinical Officer and the Senior Vice President of HNPS, Virginia E. White; the MTM Program offers a complete solution for successful and secured medicinal cure, which helps in yielding affirmative clinical results and financial importance for all the members.

The pharmacists of HNPS analyze around 5,000 customer profiles each week for tracing possible DRP's, along with various other treatment practices being followed by the customers, effects of therapies and others. Also, the pharmacists look out for ways to minimize the extra expenses of their customers on various unnecessary medications and medical tests. Letters are dispatched to the customer's residences so that they can know more about taking care of their health and practice taking medications properly. With these letters the customers can consult with their doctors and also with the pharmacists of MTM. In short, once a customer becomes a member of the MTM Program of Health Net, they start availing benefits of medical improvement and leading a healthy life.

HNPS was able to exceed the minimum criteria of CMS and has proved exceptionally well. It expanded its eligibility conditions even for those customers who have multiple chronic disorders. All this was done to ensure maximum protection to the needy members. A high-tech software system is used by the pharmacists of the company to monitor the customer profiles through the MTM Program, and thus they are able to instruct their members so effectively. Thus Health Net's MTM is one of those respected programs that have acquired both the Industry's and as well the Agency's appreciation.

Health Net is also operating jointly with the different QIO's of 12 states of the country to augment the standard of medication security for the Medicare customers, a majority of which are elders. From the year 2006, it has entered into partnership with the District of Columbia in addition to the QIO's in order to share confidential information and claims records. This in fact has aided them in conducting secured medicinal treatment for the senior Medicare customers.

Health Net Inc. is the one of the leading managed care organizations of the country. It has developed lots of plans and programs for the benefit of public health safety. Many of its plans are certified by the government. Presently it serves above 6.7 million members throughout the entire nation. These members are the customers of different health insurance programs like Medicaid, TRICARE, Medicare and many others.

With the launch of the Medication Therapy Management program it has received the recognition of many health care associations and even from its members. In order to avail more information about the company proceedings, upcoming plans, MTM program details, interested readers can stopover at the official website of the company, viz.

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