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Health Net open enrollment ends on March 31

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Health Net open enrollment ends on March 31

Health Net open enrollment ends on March 31

The open enrollment period is about to end in March 31, of this year 2009. Therefore, Health Net has prompted this notification to the senior Medicare customers. It is the only time when, Medicare beneficiaries get the chance of switching to a new Medicare Advantage plan, in case their health care requirements are not fulfilled by their previous plan, which was chosen by them in the last year's Annual Election Period. This article enumerates about various other details on it along with the features and limitations of the open enrollment period. Plus, it guides individuals by following 4 C's when choosing their plan.

Health Net Inc. one of United States' largest health care companies prompts the senior Medicare Beneficiaries, about the closure of Open Enrollment Period on March 31, 2009. This is the time, when seniors of ages of 65 years and above, can decide to change their policy in case their Medicare Advantage Plan, that was chosen by them on the Annual Election Period (November - December) of the previous year 2008, doesn't suffices their requirements.

So, if they feel like changing their plan, they will have to do it before or on March 31 this year, otherwise they will have to wait for the next year 2010's open enrollment period. This open enrollment period is an option that allows the seniors to select the right Medicare Advantage plan with whose coverage they can remain really satisfied.

The Chief Government Program Officer of Health Net Inc. Scott R. Kelly has mentioned that 4 C's must be taken into consideration by the Medicare beneficiaries while evaluating the coverage options of a new plan. This 4 C's are Cost, Coverage, Convenience and Customer Service.

Cost becomes the most primary factor when selecting a new plan or changing from an old plan to a new one. The rate of premiums, co-payments, coinsurance and deductibles must be ascertained at the very beginning. Individuals must go for a Medicare Advantage plan that fits to their pockets. Coverage also plays another important role when reviewing a plan. Each plan offers coverage for a specified set of health care services. People should not purchase a plan that doesn't cover their required services, for example: prescription drugs, at-home care services etc.

When speaking convenience, customers should look for the plan that offers ease of availing health care services. Suppose a plan has got a contract with a particular pharmacy, in this case customers will save a lot of time in buying drugs and medications from that store only rather than wandering in different other pharmacies. A plan must offer the satisfactory customer services. Customers must be able to receive assistance in finding the right plan, report any grievances, and find solutions to queries regarding plans and health care options or whatsoever.

Medicare beneficiaries can go online and log in to in order to select the suitable plan for them and also to know more about the 4 C's. Customers can also call in at the toll-free helpline of Health Net at 1-800-903-0944 or can contact the Health Net Community Support Center locations, to get solutions to their queries directly from the Medicare specialists.

Generally the open enrollment period commences on January 1 and remains till 31 March every year. One can change their Medicare Advantage plan within this time period but however, there are certain drawbacks in this process. Firstly, if customers have got prescription drug coverage option in their plans on or after December 31, they will need to maintain it. Again, those who didn't have such coverage on or after December 31 will not be able to include it, even if they change their plan.

Subsequent to March 31, 2009 up to the commencement of the fresh annual election period, scheduled to be held in November 2009, members can enroll or switch their plans only on several particular pretexts. This may be like shifting away from the plan's network region or attaining the age of 65 years, in which an individual will be able to sign up for any Medicare plan for the very fist time. Other pretexts can be found online in the official website of Medicare, i.e.

It must be however remembered that Medicare Advantage plans are sold by insurance companies and are controlled via insurance carriers. The government plays no role in the administration of the plan. The CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) monitors the regulation of these plans. The Medicare Advantage plans offers similar coverage like the traditional Medicare plan, but they also offers extra benefits that doesn't falls under the coverage of original Medicare. Some of these are like prescription drug coverage, hearing and optical care benefits, global emergency coverage etc. Because of its wide coverage options they suffice most of the requirements of individuals.

Health Net Inc. is amidst the country's leading managed care organizations. It offers a wide range of managed health care plans throughout the entire nation via group, Medicaid, TRICARE, Medicare and several other programs. Presently Health Net has around 6.7 million satisfied clients across 50 states of USA. Not only this, but it also offers plans to individuals and has collaborations with many employers who offers group policies to their employees from Health Net. Additional details about the company, its products and programs, functions are available in their official portal viz.


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