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Know about Medicare Savings Program

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Know about Medicare Savings Program

Know about Medicare Savings Program

State has planned various programs for the senior citizens in US. One among them is Medicare program which is mainly designed for the people who are of 65 years or above age group.

Million of people are helped by Medicare save money every year under Medicare Saving Program. There are several planning for the people having limited resources and income which may pay a part of or full amount of Medicare’s premiums, deductibles and co-insurance.

The way you can approach for Extra Help:

You can approach for extra help to pay for your prescription costs. You are qualified for this extra help if you are with limited resources and income with Medicare plan. After being qualified, you can pay $1 to $5 for each medicine.

State Pharmaceutical Assistant Program at a glance:

Assistance Programs for the enrolled member in Medicare Part D are offered by many of the major drugs manufacturer. You can get to know about your drug manufacturer that whether they offer Patient Assistance Programs or not by logging in to our website.

Have a look at State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs:

Presently, 21 states and one territory are giving offer to help for payment of drug plan premiums and other costs related to drugs. You can get to know about whether your state offers this program by logging in to our website.

Know about Local and National Charitable Programs:

National Council on Aging (NCOA) has created which is free and easy to use by the older section of people in America. This site helps them to know about their eligibility for public assistance programs. This site works for you by comparing your information with the eligibility requirements for Medicaid, food stamps, social security, weatherization, in home services, state programs and pharmacy programs. You can get printable reports of programs and enrollment information on the following website:

Let us know about Medicaid:

Medicaid is a state run program specially designed for certain low income families and individuals. Many guidelines are set by each state according to their condition. If a person matches to any one of this condition then he/she may found eligible to have this Medicare plan.

Conditions for applying to Medicaid:
  • Age 65 years or above, blind or any disability with limited resources and income.
  • Want to get hospice services or terminally ill.
  • Aged, disabled, blind and in need of hospice services but can stay at home with community care services.
  • Aged, disable, blind; and admitted to any nursing home; and have limited income or resources.
  • Eligible to Medicare with limited resources and services.
  • Encountered a heavy medical bill which is becoming impossible for you to pay and you are pregnant, your age is over 65, or under 18, blind or with disability.
  • The parents of a 18 years old child or less with limited income or your child is so seek that he/she needs to be admitted to nursing home, but could stay at home with good quality care.


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