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MedeAnalytics Contracts with MA Policy Aveta

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MedeAnalytics Contracts with MA Policy Aveta

MedeAnalytics Contracts with MA Policy Aveta

MedeAnalytics has partnered with Aveta Inc. to offer comprehensive analytics services for their respective Medicare Advantage plans. Both of these companies are regarded as the masters in the sphere of medical analytics, health care management and clinical services operations. This bond will reap huge benefits for the Medicare beneficiaries. This article summarizes the various aspects of the alliance along with the various benefits and services, which will be offered by each of the two companies.

This year on May 14, one of the largest health care analytics organizations of the country, MedeAnalytics declared about its alliance with the Aveta Inc. The contract between the two companies was done in order to offer full analytics support for 2 of its Medicare Advantage (MA) policies at Puerto Rico. About 182,000 people of this place are the customers of these two plans. These two MA plans will execute MedeAnalytics' on-order analytics solutions set for their health care policies, together with network management, operations analytics and others.

The innovative solutions of MedeAnalytics will offer the two MA plans with the power to administer the price and standard of health care services to its customers. They also anticipate comprehending functional developments via the usage of saleable information and in-depth assessment.

The Chief Executive Officer and the President of Aveta Inc. Dr. Richard Shinto has claimed that Aveta, including all their MA companies plan to offer the best possible services to their customers. They hope to accomplish this by constantly formulating outstanding programs and control various operations successfully. Many Medicare experts are of the opinion that this newly developed official bond between Aveta Inc. and MedeAnalytics will help in accomplishing success in health care management.

Aveta is among the leading companies which are dedicated to power the developments of the Medicare Advantage programs. The company is also renowned in addressing the individual requirements of the patients, who are affected with various chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes etc. It offers its exceptional services to around 230,000 Medicare recipients and to an existing 298,000 commercial associates. Aveta Inc. also manages and deals in Medicare Special Needs plans. A majority of senior Medicare members are served successfully by Aveta and it has made huge achievements and progress in community health care administration. The headquarters of the company is located at New Jersey and has other ancillary offices located at Illinois, Puerto Rico, and California (South).

MedeAnalytics was established in the year 1994 and it allows the other healthcare companies to develop their medical, fiscal and management services by offering its innovative services. MedeAnalytics offers solutions to hospitals and treatment centers to deal with their income, patient admissions, medical processes, employee efficiency, and billing and health care service delivery.

For those who pay for health care, MedeAnalytics helps them to deal with their network administration, clinical supervision, pharmacy management, operations control and many other services in the queue. The company offers business aptitude services to more than 700 companies dealing in health care by the aid of its innovate software's and resources. This helps the organizations to minimize the health care expenses and increasing the quality of care offered. Readers can stopover at the official website of MedeAnalytics by logging at, in order to avail additional information about the company's operations and services.


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