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Medical Home Program Scheduled for Arizona

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Medical Home Program Scheduled for Arizona

Medical Home Program Scheduled for Arizona

Two leading companies, IBM and UnitedHealthcare will soon start a medical home program in Arizona. The program is aimed to deliver quality health care services to the Medicare beneficiaries at the most affordable cost. Many primary care doctors are appointed to supervise the program and offer medical services to treat the patients. Over and above, the two companies are rendering their own improved services and support, in order to make the program a success. This article enumerates the different details of the medical home program.

Recently IBM and UnitedHealthcare have proclaimed their proposal to team up with some particular primary care doctors in Arizona, in order to start a medical home program for the patients. The project is open for the customers of Medicaid policies, Medicare Advantage plans, and of the employer based health plans of UnitedHealthcare. The program will consist of 4-6 primary care services from those doctors, who are within the plan giver's network in Tucson and in Phoenix.

IBM believes that by setting up this medical home program in Arizona, the people will have easy access to primary care services whenever required, at the most inexpensive prices. The idea behind launching the program is to develop a healthy society at Arizona. Keeping in view of the present poor health care condition of the United States, the delivery of standard primary care services is reducing rapidly. The launching of the medical home program will perhaps aid in decelerating such a reduction.

UnitedHealthcare will offer the necessary technical support, render its expertise in the field of health care technology and will also coordinate between the doctors. The objective behind this project is to power advanced data processing systems to improve the accessibility to health care services for the patients, developing the standard of care and guarantee full contentment of the patients through offering quality health care services.

As per IBM and UnitedHealthcare, the medical home program will aid in minimizing the cost of health care for the people in the long run. It would help in monetary savings through lesser emergency ward admissions, reduced hospital visits and zero readmissions by the patients. These 2 companies believe in eliminating the reasons that causes these issues of hospital and emergency ward visits.

A sum of above $21 million was invested by IBM for the workers and their families in Arizona in the year 2007. IBM's leading health insurance policy provider in Arizona is UnitedHealthcare, which offers services to around 11,000 Medicare recipients in the state. To back the medical home program, IBM will persuade these workers to avail medical services from the primary care doctors, who are taking part in the project.

The medical home program will offer benefits not only to the patients but also to the physicians. Bulk incentives along with good remuneration will be paid to those primary care doctors, who will take part in the project and will allow superior delivery of care services to patients and coordinate health care services.


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