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Medicare Drug Coverage Enables Seniors to make Savings

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Medicare Drug Coverage Enables Seniors to make Savings

Medicare Drug Coverage Enables Seniors to make Savings

As per a recently published report, it was revealed that the prescription drug coverage plan of Medicare was ultimately successful in allowing senior members to make good amount of savings on life-saving drugs and medications. With this 3 year old plan, many senior Medicare beneficiaries can now actually afford their required medicines, even if they are expensive.

The Kaiser Family Foundation, a reputed not-for-profit organization specialized in data analysis, have actually studied the governmental records including the fact files and have offered a detailed analysis on the basis of these facts. Their analysis led to the conclusion that a majority of the senior Medicare recipients, who were devoid of prescription medication coverage, were able to make savings on their spending after signing up for the Medicare prescription drug program.

The report was brought out in a popular Medicine journal issued on July 23 of this year 2009. The report also focuses on the various other prescription drug benefits offered to the senior members, ever since the Part D program of Medicare was launched (in the year 2006).

The new drug program allows the disabled members along with the senior beneficiaries of Medicare to enroll for a private prescription medication plan, which is recognized and funded by the nation's federal government. Surprisingly, such an advantageous feature got acknowledgement far and wide as one of the largest developments of Medicare, from the time when it was passed as a law in the year 1965.

Earlier when the Part D program of Medicare was not available, only 2/3rd of the population of senior members used to have prescription drug coverage. This however compelled a majority of the patients (seniors) affected with chronic disorders like high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, cardiac problems and others, to skip their medication doses or to turn down the process of filling prescriptions. This is because they unable able to afford the medicines.

At present, around 90% of the beneficiaries or around 41 million people possess prescription drug coverage. Among these, nearly 27 million seniors are registered with the Part D program of Medicare. The remaining number of people are those who have retired from their jobs and receive health insurance coverage, either through the defense services or from their ex-employers.


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