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Medicare selects Miami for Cost Cuts

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Medicare selects Miami for Cost Cuts

Medicare selects Miami for Cost Cuts

Medicare has planned to eliminate unnecessary health care expenses and hospital readmissions. It has thus selected Miami to start its operations, as Miami ranks highest in increased health care expenses for the Medicare senior members. There are other communities in different parts of United States, mostly of which contains provinces and states, will be taking part in this cost reduction project of Medicare. Various surveys and researches have been conducted by Medicare to find out the reasons for the increased health care expenses at Miami and then solve them. This article enumerates the entire story.

Miami has been selected as the lead point for cutting down Medicare costs.

Known because of its increased health care expenses, Miami was nominated as one among the 14 communities by Medicare, as their start-up base, to remove needless hospital readmissions and revisits.

Medicare has stated that their records reveal that, 1 among every 5 patients gets readmitted to the hospitals within a month of their discharge from there. With these repeated readmissions, the patients make more claims for compensation from Medicare; as a result Medicare is loosing a good amount of their reserve funds.

Medicare found out that patients are opting for repeated readmissions, because the hospitals are not offering them necessary follow-up care, which results in confusion among patients regarding the proper use of medications and also worsens their health again, thus compelling them to take readmissions. That is why Medicare has taken a drastic step to remove hospital readmissions.

Miami has become much recognized because of its highest Medicare expenses per patient in the entire country. The average yearly health care expenses of a Medicare patient at Miami is double than that a patient at Minneapolis.

The Medicare Quality Improvement Organization of Florida, an ancillary unit of Health Service Holdings has been assigned to supervise this project.

The hospital readmission rate can be reduced by increasing the standard of health care on a large scale basis, and concentrating on the performance of members in a region's health care group, for the benefit of the region's population.

Medicare has also stated that the hospitals and nursing homes must offer better follow-up care and at-home care services to nullify hospital readmissions. These things are on process of implementation for Miami. Medicare is also looking forward to implement the same for the other places, which have an increased hospital readmission rate and higher health care costs.

Some of the other communities taking part in this project of Medicare are Pennsylvania (Western part), New Jersey (South-western part), Harlingen of Texas, Upper Capitol Region of New York, Whatcom County of Washington, and Northwest Denver of Colorado, Tuscaloosa of Alabama, Greater Lansing of Michigan and many others in the queue.

The surveys of Dartmouth Atlas has revealed that huge number of hospital patient beds and specialists tend to increase the costs in Miami. The patients are found to remain in costly intensive care units more willingly than they remain at their home.


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