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Medigap policies compliments Original Medicare program

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Medigap policies compliments Original Medicare program

Medigap policies compliments Original Medicare program

Medigap helps in complimenting the original Medicare program by covering most of the expenses of Medicare and offering additional coverage. This article explains it.

Medicare is generally the most popular health care coverage program for a majority of the senior US residents. But however, Medicare doesn't provide most of the required insurance benefits to the people thus leading to 'gaps' in its coverage. Therefore, in order to fill up these gaps, people opt for Medigap, a supplemental insurance plan. Medicare doesn't offer any coverage for certain health care expenses incurred, which is in fact compensated by the Medigap plans.

The Original Medicare Program consists of two segments, i.e. Medicare Part A and Part B. The Part A provides coverage for at-home care, skilled nursing service expenses and inpatient treatment costs. Alternatively, the Part B provides cover for doctor's visits, outpatient treatment, clinical supplies and others.

You are required to pay deductibles, coinsurances, copayments for Medicare and even have to pay for availing other treatment services for which Medicare doesn't offer coverage. Herein originates the need of Medigap to pay for these expenses.

In order to become entitled to buy Medigap policies, you must signup for Medicare Part A and Part B together. In case, you previously own a Medigap plan or have subscribed to PPO, HMO or PFFS plans; then you won't be able to qualify for Medigap.

It is advised that you purchase Medigap plans after enrolling to the Part B program of Medicare. After that, the gates of the open enrollment period unlocks for you for 6 months, in between which you can sign up for Medigap. This opportunity will be provided to you for only one time. During this, no insurance companies can deny to offer you Medigap plans, postpone the commencement of your insurance coverage, or ask you to pay further for your existing health circumstances. The open enrollment period doesn't commence for disabled people below 65 and having Medicare, unless they attain 65 years of age.

Upon missing your open enrollment period, the insurance provider can ask you for reassessment of your medical records, prior to recognizing your request. It will also decide about the payment you have to make for getting the plan. Healthy customers have a better probability of availing the policy in comparison to people with bad health conditions.

Medigap has 12 plans named from A to L. All these plans offer similar coverage and benefits like paying the copayments, deductibles of your Medicare program in addition to offering coverage for other services.

However, every state may not have all the policies of Medigap. People can contact SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Program) in order to know their availability in their respective state. Before purchasing any such policy, be sure to compare their features against each other.

Different insurance companies follow different pricing strategies for Medigap plans. Try to buy the plan from a Rated-A insurance company. That indicates the standard and reliability of the company.

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