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Network involvement in Silver&Fit Healthy Aging Program marketed

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Network involvement in Silver&Fit Healthy Aging Program marketed

Network involvement in Silver&Fit Healthy Aging Program marketed

Two reputed health and fitness associations of the United States have signed a contact to work in teams with each other. They are American Specialty Health Incorporated and Anytime Fitness. The main purpose of this collaboration was to promote franchise network partaking in the new Silver&Fit Healthy Aging Program. With this program, the members will have access to better health and fitness resources. They will be able to access high-tech equipments along with personalized fitness training and a lot more. This article reports the various other features of the Silver&Fit program along with the niceties of the two companies, which are involved behind launching it.

Two of the largest health and fitness organizations, namely; American Specialty Health Incorporated (also known as ASH) and Anytime Fitness have collaborated amongst themselves, in order to market franchise network involvement in their innovative Silver&Fit Healthy Aging Program. On March 12, 2009, this collaboration took place at San Diego. This program offers exclusive health and nutrition resources, fitness education lessons and access to different events and seminars, to the elder customers along with other entitled Medicare recipients.

The elder customers of Medicare will be able to receive special health benefits through the Silver&Fit program. With this they will be able to undergo a normal exercise routine that will help them to lead a healthy life. The customers are not required to spend their money for paying any coinsurance, deductibles, copayments etc. in order to take part in this program, if not required by their individual health insurance policies.

High-tech cardiovascular diagnostic systems will be accessible to all the customers of the Silver&Fit program at all the different outlets of Anytime Fitness. Above 1,000 Anytime Fitness outlets are present all over the country. All these outlets are situated at convenient and easy to reach locations, thus offering the members with the ease to avail better fitness accessibility.

Anytime Fitness is a unisex health club, which remains open 24X7 throughout the year. A security-entry card is provided each of the members of the club, which is used to go inside the club interiors. Inside the club, members can take advantage of all the modern fitness equipments and provisions and practice different exercises. Not only this but tanning suites, free weights, and skilled fitness training for individuals are provided in this health club. Interested people can also log in to their official website, which is

American Specialty Health Incorporated is a major fitness solutions company that offers exclusive network administration programs, lifestyle and fitness curriculum, web support, and preventive solutions to different insurance plans, employers and various other organizations situated in the entire United States. ASH has its headquarters located at San Diego. Presently, it has a workforce of above 680 staffs and along with this it offers coverage to around 15.3 million customers in health management, disease prevention programs and many others. Further details of all its operations, programs, curriculum, services are available in its website; viz.

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