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Obama Administration Battles against Medicare Scams

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Obama Administration Battles against Medicare Scams

Obama Administration Battles against Medicare Scams

Being disgusted of the rising Medicare scams and false claims filed, the administration of Obama has declared to launch its battle against it. As per the officials, all these scams cost the nation billion of money thus pushing it to utter poverty. Needy people are unable to access insurance and health care services, because of the money lost due to such fraudulences. This article reports the scams and the steps to be undertaken to counter it.

On May 20, 2009, the administrative officials of President Obama proclaimed about their goal to battle against all sorts of Medicare fraudulences, which are in action at Miami and continuing up to Los Angeles. All these scams are forcing the taxpayers to spend billion dollars of money every year.

The Department of Health and Human Services in collaboration with the Department of Justice is now trying to reinforce security to stop Medicare scams in these cities. Efforts are also being laid to install enhanced surveillance at Houston and Detroit, where the reports of fraud Medicare billing issues have been traced.

The endeavors will impart protection, surveillance and generation of information in real time, so as to uproot the source of Medicare crimes. Fraud Medicare billing issues have been in practice since a long time onwards, which has almost paralyzed the taxpayer-sponsored program meant for the seniors, disables and the poverty-stricken people.

Eric Holder, who is the Attorney General, has remarked that the initiatives to stop Medicaid along with Medicare scams are being calculated to cost around a yearly sum of 60 billion dollars. As per him, this may be one of the health care revamp efforts of the Obama Administration, which is indeed a tough task to complete.

As per Holder, if the government along with the taxpayers wouldn't have lost billions of money due to the Medicaid and Medicare scams, then the same money could have been utilized for development of health care system, care for seniors and the disabled and for offering free health care services to the poor.

Many other officials are also supporting the mission of the Obama Administration to curb Medicare scams. One of the noted officials among them is Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, who was found to support the views of Holder.

The declaration has appeared as Obama along with the chief leaders of health care business, have pledged to trim 2 trillion dollars in health care spending for the next decade. The Congress strongly believes that decreasing spending along with eliminating Medicare scams will help the government to save money, and use it to expand insurance coverage to an estimated uninsured population of 45 million US residents.

Previously in this May 2009, Martinez proposed a bill in order to secure elders and physicians from identity scams and also to resist the crooks from turning into Medicare providers. Also, the Attorney of United States, Alexander Acosta has already started his operations to stop Medicare fraudulences at South Florida.

The mutual proposal which was declared on May 20, 2009 includes a suggestion from the administrative officials of the president, to spend 311 million dollars for the financial year 2010. This is a 50% increased spending in comparison to that spend for this year, in order to combat scams, injustice and illegal activities within Medicare.

Originally brought out by the Congress in the year 1965, Medicare still undergoes from careless supervision of false claims. These claims are filed by some care providers who possess some tactical knowledge to abuse the defenseless program. In the year 2008, many articles were published in the national dailies, which revealed how the people, working within Medicare compensated the claims rapidly without confirming their authenticity.

The government of Florida has accepted the accusation of Medicare fraudulences made by the Obama administration. Especially, South Florida has been accused of having the largest cases of Medicare scams, frauds dealing with clinical supplies, equipments, HIV concoction treatment and the care services offered to home-confined patients affected with diabetes.

As per the Attorney of United States and FBI, the scams at Miami-Dade cost the nation a sum around of 2.5 billion dollars every year.

In the year 2007 in March, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Justice launched their program to combat Medicare scams. From that time till today, around 87 fraud cases were filed and 159 people associated with it were prosecuted. Many of these people consisted of medicine shop owners, suppliers of clinical equipments and even few doctors. The frauds that were traced involved theft of Medicare ID figures, erroneous prescriptions and bribes offered to the patients.

Sebelius claimed that from now onwards enhanced protection technology and intelligence devices would be deployed to trace fraud billings and the claims filed.


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