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Obama Pleaded by Officials for not Chastising Healthcare

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Obama Pleaded by Officials for not Chastising Healthcare

Obama Pleaded by Officials for not Chastising Healthcare

On July 22, 2009, 3 Republicans and 7 Democratic leaders put their signature on an official letter, in opposition to the federal-based health care renovation measures that may chastise the state because of its expert medical services. Before this, the congressional delegation of the state of Minnesota has disagreed with the same issue over and over again, and ultimately the legislators were forced to submit such an application.

The main point of trepidation for the policymakers is that the existing Medicare payment structure spends more amount of money towards other American states and also offers huge incentive to doctors for recommending more number of medical tests and treatments; no matter what the patient requires doing the tests or not.

Such a system clearly elucidates the fact that why the Medicare coverage, the nation's popular health insurance program for the seniors, pays out 9,400 dollars for each Floridian senior, but offers a sum of only 6,600 dollars for every beneficiary residing in the state of Minnesota.

The policymakers of Minnesota submitted the application to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, stating that such discrimination between states is however unacceptable. They pleaded before the president to support them and undertake some drastic measures to resolve this crisis, in every bill (concerning health reform) that is nominated in the White House building of United States.

The health reform legislation from House Democratic group allows such a payment structure to persist and very soon it will be converted into a public heath insurance policy, in order to offer coverage to the uninsured population of the United States. Democratic leader Betty McCollum was found to go up against such a legislation that supports this type of payment structure.

McCollum suggested that health reform should develop a payment structure that pay incentives to only those hospitals and physicians who can enable patients to get recovered successfully and that too at a lower expense. Another Democratic leader, Senator Amy Klobuchar proposed a legislation that upholds the same suggestion.

As per the reports of Dartmouth Atlas, it was found that the doctors and physicians in low-budget states, similar to Minnesota accomplish either the same or superior consequences in comparison to the doctors present in high-budget states, those who prescribe more treatments and medical tests to their patients.

At the same time as the arguments over the health reform has gradually become partisan it was found to alienate many legislators provincially. A majority of the high-budget states are situated in the densely populated zones of the country, such as California, Florida, Texas etc. whereas most of the low-budget states lie in the Great Plans and Midwest regions.

Hospital trade unions of the low-budget states now demand a better payment system that acknowledges expertise. The association is against plans that directly reduce the present pay rates of Medicare, to fund the extension of health insurance coverage to the uninsured population of the nation. They want Medicare not to discriminate in between the states and treat all states as the same.

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