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Obama Puts Cost Control and Better Care in Clinic

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Obama Puts Cost Control and Better Care in Clinic

Obama Puts Cost Control and Better Care in Clinic

On July 23, 2009, the President of United States visited one of the popular treatment centers of the country; Cleveland Clinic and typified many features for it. The officials are of the opinion that such features and measures undertaken by the president, will help in improving the quality of care delivered to the patients and will also aid in cutting costs.

The various features that were embodied are:

  • Staffs being paid their salaries regularly
  • Using electronic patient data registering techniques
  • Utmost concern regarding the experience of a patient
  • Engineered care delivery structure
  • Development of a healthy work environment dedicated to personal development

There used to be a time when Cleveland Clinic was recognized as the only treatment center specialized in treating cardiac disorders. At that time, many patients from across the globe migrated to this clinic for the purpose of heart surgery and intricate procedural treatment. Since 88 years, this clinic has been rendering its exceptional treatment services and today it consists of 8 community hospitals, along with many outpatient chambers, surgical units and emergency care centers, all of which are present down the southern coast of the famous Lake Erie.

When judged against its aristocratic contenders, this clinic has remained victorious till today in cutting down costs and delivering up-to-date treatment services.

The researchers of Dartmouth have compared the medical bills of the Medicare beneficiaries who were treated in this clinic, against those who were treated in some other finest hospitals of the United States and came to the conclusion that patients get treated in Cleveland Clinic at a much lesser cost.

The approximate expenditure for a Medicare patient who is affected with serious chronic illness in the past 2 years, being treated at Cleveland Clinic came to $35,455. Whereas, when the cost for a patient (of the same condition) being treated at Massachusetts General Hospital was taken into account, it came up to $47,880. For the UCLA Medical Center and Johns Hopkins, the cost turned up $72,793 and $60,653 respectively. From this comparative account, it became evident that the Cleveland Clinic treats patients at the most inexpensive cost.

Not only this, but Cleveland Clinic has excelled in offering the best health care services in the most conventional and productive way. When compared against the other well-liked health care systems like the Kaiser Permanente or even Mayo Clinic, the standard of business and industrialized production of Cleveland Clinic was found the best.

The administrative officials of this clinic monitor each and every processes occurring inside the hospital, which enables it to gain efficiency and offer better medical services.

For treating patients who would be undergoing or have undergone surgeries, the clinic pays attention to at-home procedure arrangement, collection of patient's data and medical test reports, adopting safety measures inside the operation theatre, arrangement for post surgical care of patients, preparations for follow-up care, contacting patients to enquire about their health condition in between 2 days of discharge.

Cleveland Clinic pioneers in enabling patients to consult with doctors in order to have information regarding health care issues or to make appointments through their advanced health information technology systems. Such technologies were already in use in this hospital at a time when other leading hospitals were devoid of it. The use of such systems allows the doctors of this clinic to prescribe appropriate treatments to their patients and generate reports centering the treatment results.

Many patients who were treated at Cleveland Clinic were interrogated and it was found that they are very contented with the quality of health care services offered to them in the clinic.

Reports states that Cleveland Clinic has a yearly record of 50,645 patient admissions and 3.3 million visits. It has opened its sub-branches in Toronto, Florida and even in few other countries.


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