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Physicians can opt either for Medicaid or Medicare Incentives

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Physicians can opt either for Medicaid or Medicare Incentives

Physicians can opt either for Medicaid or Medicare Incentives

Recently it was announced that doctors will be able to opt either for Medicaid or Medicare incentives. They will not be able to select both. Similar things also go with few hospitals. This article reports the scene including other related issues.

Legal representatives have recently reviewed the regulations documents and have issued a notice for all the physicians of the country, receiving incentives from the health insurance programs. It states, that under the newly proposed financial stimulus plan, physicians can either select Medicaid or Medicare incentives and cannot have both of them.

Heidi Echols; one of the associates of the Chicago law firm McDermott, Will & Emery has stated that in order to be eligible for additional Medicaid incentives; the doctors and hospitals are required to attain the maximum proportion of patients, those who are entitled to qualify for Medicaid.

On March 4, 2009, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society at Chicago summoned an online seminar, in which Echols delivered a speech. In a recorded interview, Echols have remarked that although specialized hospitals can request for both Medicaid and Medicare incentives, but the hospitals meant for children will not be able to apply for the same.

A sum of $17.2 billion is included as per the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, for the Medicaid and Medicare incentives, for physicians and hospitals employing licensed Electronic Health Record (EHR) equipments. In addition to this, a sum of $2 billion is also allocated for different health care IT subsidies.

Echols have also remarked that in order to avail Medicare incentives, the doctors and the hospitals will need to use working health record machines. Compared to this, physicians can personally avail nearly $25,000 in the 1st year's Medicaid incentive payouts, to compensate a part of the expenses incurred in setting up the technology systems. This amount for compensation will be provided also to the hospitals through Medicaid payments in the 1st year.

However, the Act has not mentioned any such stipulated date for the commencement of the delivery of Medicaid and Medicare incentives. But the Senate sources declare that it will commence in the year 2011.

Upon availing the introductory Medicaid incentive, the doctors will be able to take home around $10,000 yearly for 4 extra years, to assist the systematic use of the electronic health records.

Echols finds the 6 year Medicaid incentive plan for the hospitals as complicated. By the year 2016, every hospital needs to have a licensed EHR facility in order to avail the Medicaid incentives. Also they will need to obtain 10% of their entire proportion of the patients from Medicaid to become eligible for the incentives.

An IT training company situated in Washington called the Health IT Certification, has remarked that hospitals can earn equal to 100% of the permissible expenses, for having HER through Medicaid incentive payments. The compensation is limited to 50% of the real expenses for 1st year and up to 90% for the 1st and 2nd years' altogether. The permissible expenses are regulated to show the burden of the Medicaid payments for the supplier.

In the year 2015, though Medicare will initiate to decrease the incentives for the hospitals and the physicians, but Medicaid will not execute such penalizing reductions in incentives.

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