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PMSI addresses reporting needs with Medicare InstaConnect

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PMSI addresses reporting needs with Medicare InstaConnect

PMSI addresses reporting needs with Medicare InstaConnect

Perhaps one of the leading step towards helping undersized plus the average tax payers and insurance carriers has been taken by PMSI. Its own branch; namely the PMSI Settlement Solutions has brought out the Medicare InstaConnect, an innovative web enabled tool for reporting management and data collection purposes. It is designed to help in settling the liabilities and workers reimbursement claims. It also complies with the government and industry standards. In addition to this, it also helps in saving the clients from paying fines and penalties apart from proving as a superb cost-effective solution. This article discusses about the other different features and utilities of Medicare InstaConnect, along with the companies responsible behind developing and releasing it.

On March 23, 2009, PMSI Settlement Solutions declared about the issue of its innovative product; Medicare InstaConnect, an online based data gathering and reporting utility configured to suffice the precise reporting requirements of undersized and average payers, carriers and employers having personal health insurance, who manages the employee payments and accountability charges; thus rescuing them from big probable penalties. This product also meets the MMSEA standards.

Medicare InstaConnect is tailored to help the payers in confirming with the latest MIR (Mandatory Insurer Reporting) criteria. It has been made obligatory by the Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007 that liability, employee payments and reimbursements plans, insurers without any payment lapse, group health etc. report all the assertions and claims relating a Medicare recipient, to CMS via electronic means.

The closing date is set to July 1, 2009, for the conformity. After this moment, the time insurance providers will be put through penalties equal to $1,000 daily on each claim, on condition that it stays non-reported.

The current legislative reporting technology systems of PMSI have helped in the development of Medicare InstaConnect. The company has above 32 years of experience in this field and has gained success earlier through the release of Medicare Connect - a product for larger carriers. Now with the Medicare InstaConnect, small and medium sized carriers will be able to collect all the necessary data through online itself. With this, there is no requirement to re-encode bequest claims processes.

The President of PMSI Settlement Solutions, Dr. Kent Takemoto, has expressed his belief about the success of Medicare InstaConnect similar to its predecessor, Medicare Connect. However, the objective behind the release of Medicare InstaConnect was to introduce a reporting tool for the undersized and average payers with quick connectivity.

Medicare InstaConnect comes with a speedy performance program of 30 days time limit and also has express information import potentiality. Modifications to the MIR needs are supervised by PMSI's panel of specialists in government dealings, who operate with the IT panel of PMSI, in order to improve the system, the way it is required to guarantee perfect data collection procedure.

Reporting needs are developed straightly within the system. It providers a dependable and conforming solution for reporting purposes to the payers. There is no requirement for further improvement and paying long-standing protection costs.

The cost of establishing and executing a potential system for reaching compliance is difficult for many average clients to afford. Again, if they do not comply, they will have to pay a daily fine of $1,000 for each claim. So at this time, Medicare InstaConnect offers these payers to use the IT skills and system resources of PMSI, to avail compliance by reducing economic load, which may have been incurred by the establishment and execution of any potential system.

In the forthcoming RIMS 2009 Annual Conference which would be held at Orlando, in the month of April; PMSI Settlement Solutions is going to introduce Medicare Connect and Medicare InstaConnect.

PMSI Settlement Solutions is popular as the leader in Medicare Set-Aside allotments. The company provides an all-inclusive list of services and facilities for the employee reimbursements and accountability claims. It aims in resolving these claims on time in the most gainful approach, in accordance with the governmental needs and standards.

The experts of the company assist in organizing negotiations, probable health care expenses prediction and allotting the arrangement for cases filing relating employees' payments. PMSI Settlement Solutions is under the PMSI Group, other biggest solutions providers in categorized managed care services and products for the employees' rights, liabilities and reimbursements. More information on PMSI Settlement Solutions and Medicare InstaConnect is available online in their website

PMSI is also a comprehensive solutions providing company for Pharmacy, Clinical Services, Health Care Services and Supplies etc. apart from the Settlement Solutions. Since years, it has rendered its services to many insurance carriers, state employees and staffs, employers and 3rd party managers. Interested readers can log online at in order to find detailed information about the company's proceedings, operations, clientele, products, services and solutions.

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