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Prescription-Drug Discount Card deal announced by Chesco

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Prescription-Drug Discount Card deal announced by Chesco

Prescription-Drug Discount Card deal announced by Chesco

Lifeline was provided to thousands of seniors in the Chester County on December 3 2008, the commissioners of the county announced a fresh prescription-drug discount deal which will be open to residents of the entire county.

This will typically do a world of good to people like John Grant, a 56 year old driver, who is a diabetic and finds it very hard to pay $160 a month for his insulin.

The announcement came amidst a crowd comprising of leaders of social-service agencies and individuals in the forefront of providing human-care services.

Carol Aichele, chairman of the board of commissioners said that they are quite happy to introduce the service which was much required and that it would definitely go on to helping in and every family in the county.

The card has become a reality because of the National Association of Counties through a contract with CVS Caremark, which is to negotiate on the rates to run the program.

Officials said that discounts can be up to 23 percent on the retail price of drugs, and if the patients receive the same through mail, discounts can go up to 50 percent. Therefore users are set to receive a guaranteed lowest price deal.

Terence Farrell disclosed that he had come to know of the program during a session in the conference of counties, in February and had decided to look into the same.

Farrell further said that the discount-card program provides substantial savings in form of negotiated discount rates to individuals who have little or no coverage in terms of prescriptions. Moreover, the program is quite user friendly because, there is no enrollment fees, no form filling activity, no restrictions on age or income and most importantly, no medical condition pre-requisites.

The card which would be accepted across 100 pharmacies in the county and only one card is sufficient to cover the entire family.

The association had launched the program four years and has already yielded a savings of $108 million 9.6 million prescriptions until September 2008.

Out of 67 counties in Pennsylvania, 40 have signed in already. However Chester is the first county in the south-east region, says the organization's website.

Cora Thompson, the chief clerk of the Potter County said that it has been 18 months that the card has been launched in the county and there is no complaint till date.

Donald Klepser, an assistant professor in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Nebraska commented that the basic function of the card is to provide branded medicines to the user at discounted prices; however it would not be equivalent to an insurance coverage.

Kathi Cozzone, commissioner said that while about 25 percent of county residents have concerns towards medical coverage, 42 percent are of the view that prescription coverage is the one that really matters.

These cards, which are also issued in Spanish, are available through many community service agencies and also through the County Health Department at 610-344-6225.

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