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Prescription Medicine Cards provided by Schenectady County

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Prescription Medicine Cards provided by Schenectady County

Prescription Medicine Cards provided by Schenectady County

The Administration of Schenectady County has decided to dispatch prescription drug discount cards for the residents of the county, at absolutely free of cost. The cards were already dispatched to the residents. By using these cards, the county residents can purchase prescription medicines at a much lower cost, thus helping them to make enough monetary savings. These discount cards will offer huge benefits to the people who haven't got any prescription drug coverage. Those who have such insurance can also avail some benefits with the help of these cards. This article informs all the other details.

Recently it has been announced that every resident living at Schenectady County will get a privilege discount card, through which they can purchase prescription drugs and medicines at a much lesser price. This is a major step taken in order to curb the escalating health care costs.

The County administrators have remarked that they have finished mailing the cards to all the residents. So, most of the families residing in the County have got their discount cards delivered in their letterboxes by now, whereas others who haven't yet received the cards will get it soon.

In the year 2008, the County administration have proclaimed about their agreement with ProAct Inc. in order to offer the discount cards to the residents of the county. The aim that was set in that agreement was to assist in settling up the expenses of prescription drugs, which were not under the coverage of any health insurance. It is needless to mention that, those people who didn't have any health insurance, similarly found it difficult to buy such expensive medicines.

The discount cards are offered for free to all the people living in the county. People can use this card to avail 10% - 50% discount when buying prescription medicines and drugs. Thus it will allow them to save more amount of money.

Such an initiative will be very much profitable for the people devoid of any prescription drug plan, in the county. All the residents of the county will be entitled to take part actively in this program.

ProAct Inc. is generally a branch of Kinney Drug. It is in fact a management organization dealing in pharmacy benefits and is located in the Central part of New York.

The project was backed by the County Legislature Democrats that was shortly passed by the entire Board. Susan Savage; the Chairperson of the Legislature claimed that no such registration forms and documents are there, that are required to be filled up for getting these cards. Even the county residents will not have to submit any membership charges or show income proofs to use these cards. These discount cards are offered to the residents as a reward for decreasing their expenses on prescription drugs. People will be allowed to utilize these cards as soon as they get them in hand.

The Part D section of Medicare, which gives the prescription drug coverage option has however a gap in it, that is commonly referred as doughnut hole. It makes it obligatory for the policy holders to upfront a huge out-of-pocket payment for buying prescription drugs.

Savage along with other officials of the Legislature has remarked that the discount card will aid in cementing the gap present in Medicare Part D, that may sometimes rise above $1,000.

People who possess prescription drug insurance plans, can utilize the discount card for any sort of prescriptions, which doesn't falls under their insurance coverage. These cards can also offer discounts to people who will buy medicines for their pets.

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