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Ramsell Public Health Rx and Texas HIV SPAP renew agreement

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Ramsell Public Health Rx and Texas HIV SPAP renew agreement

Ramsell Public Health Rx and Texas HIV SPAP renew agreement

Ramsell Public Health Rx, the pharmacy benefits managing company offering economical administration of drug support programs has renewed its agreement with the Texas Department of State and Health Services' HIV State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program, recently. This re-agreement is of prime important for the customers of the SPAP program, who will avail better access to drugs and medications at cheaper rates. Not only this, but the customers can also expect to receive quality health care services through this. This article enumerates the various importances and characteristics of this contract renewal in details.

The popular pharmacy benefits supervisor; Ramsell Public Health Rx declared about the renewal of its agreement with Texas Department of State and Health Services' on March 23, 2009 at Oakland. The prime objective of this re-agreement is to offer cost-effective pharmacy benefits options to the HIV SPAP (State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program) plan of the department.

The HIV SPAP is tailored to help the THMP (Texas HIV Medication Program) customers, who can qualify themselves for the Medicare Part D program medication benefits through their out-of-pocket drug expenses, which consists of deductibles, copayments and coinsurances.

On January 2008, the HIV SPAP was first launched during the time of which, the state changed the entitled THMP members with that of Medicare into the latest program. From the time of commencement of the program, Ramsell governed and managed the entire operations of the program.

Ramsell administers the pharmacy network organization of the state, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) SPAP data swapping procedure; including the drug assistance services, as well as managing the payments. In the year 2008, Ramsell created an association by signing up of above 2,000 pharmaceutical centers throughout the state and dealt with above 54,500 prescriptions, in order to render services to more than 1,100 customers, who are signed up with HIV SPAP.

The President of Ramsell Public Health Rx; Sophia Byndloss, remarks that the Texas State Pharmaceutical Assistance Program has helped in improving the standard of health care for the people, by offering coverage to the drug expenses for the HIV-positive patients. Byndloss suggests that, the public health organizations should try to offer more health care services, out of limited resources to suffice the requirements of the patients, during this current economic downturn.

Ramsell Public Health Rx thus turns out to be one of those companies that assist the states to administer drug support programs conveniently and economically. Now with the renewal of the contact, Ramsell expects to continue offering quality services similar to its previous tasks.

Texas HIV SPAP program is a part of the different contributions listed in the pharmacy benefit administration portfolio of Ramsell Public Health Rx. It is serving its members and customers from over 15 years, in administering drug support programs in the states of Washington and California.

Ramsell Public Health Rx is a subordinate unit of the Ramsell Holding Corporation. It is a renowned company offering services in pharmacy benefits management and data administration services. Its efficient software and the healthcare technology ensures health care units to drive finances move ahead, that guarantees the patients to access better medications and drugs at the time of their requirement.

Being a noteworthy section of the Ramsell business group, the Ramsell Public Health Rx donates a part of its profit percentage to Flowers Heritage Foundation, which is a not-for-profit organization offering social services to the public communities, supporting education, increasing awareness and controlling lethal diseases like HIV and AIDS. The headquarters of Ramsell Public Health Rx is located in Oakland in the state of California.


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