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Senators Propose Bipartisan Medical Care Plans

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Senators Propose Bipartisan Medical Care Plans

Senators Propose Bipartisan Medical Care Plans

Two Senators, Grassley and Baucus, were found to put forward some bipartisan medical care plans recently before the finance panel. The proposals deal with the allocation of Medicare payments to only those health care providers, doctors and hospitals who will abide by the federal regulations. This has let to a debated issue among the other senators and lawmakers. This article reports the story in details along with vital information.

On April 28, 2009, two Senators proposed a new plan keeping in view of the current propositions being included in the health care reform project of the Obama administration. The senators claimed to offer more Medicare payments to the doctors and hospitals that comply with the federal based principles and fine those who don't abide to such standards. It is being thought that if this plan is being implemented as a rule then, the terrible health care status of the country may be revived to an extent.

The health care reform bill has been scheduled to be released after a few months later this year. However, the plans suggested by Senators Charles E. Grassley and Max Baucus have found to give rise to bipartisan medical care contract that oscillates the federal governmental payment methods to the health care providers via Medicare. This can be set as a representation of how the health care condition of the country can be reformed.

The Senators proposed their plans in form of a 48 page booklet before the finance board. However, the proposed memorandum doesn't give any such clarification and idea on the exact federal standards, which must be obeyed by the doctors and hospitals. But a mutual agreement in between the experts and the lawmakers was found to develop through the propositions made by the Senators. They now agree that the system of paying physicians for the number of treatment services they provide to the patients is yielding nothing positive, but helping in the utter devastation of the health care condition of the nation.

Apart from this, Senators Grassley and Baucus have also suggested to offer incentives in addition to the Medicare payments so as to persuade the doctors to treat the Medicare patients and to control their patients' interactions with more than one health care provider.

The senators also claimed that the sum of money which is being offered to the private insurance providers by the federal government to give Medicare coverage to the aged population may be regarded as a quality standard. The other standards will be mentioned in the coming months.

The remarks made on the propositions of the two senators, by other senators present in the financial committee meeting were both positive and negative. Many of them stressed the need to include such propositions while others opposed it on various grounds. Some others also found the formulation of the propositions to be difficult when the health care reform bill will be passed. But still the future of this bipartisan medical care legislation is still doubted.


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