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US Attorney Seeks to Eliminate Medicare Frauds

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US Attorney Seeks to Eliminate Medicare Frauds

US Attorney Seeks to Eliminate Medicare Frauds

The Senate was urged by US Attorney R. Alexander Acosta to increase more supervision to stop Medicare scams in South Florida. Acosta plans several regulations to prevent the growing fraudulences in Medicare billings. This article enumerates the fact.

South Florida is regarded as one of the prime places where the Medicare flaws are in action at a maximized rate, from a long time onwards. At last, the issue came before R. Alexander Acosta, the United States Attorney, who then on May 6, 2009, asked the Senate to repair the flaws of Medicare and take necessary protections to counter scams in that place.

Since the year 2006, Acosta is known for filing legal charges on above 700 people, who were liable for a forgery of over $2 billion, for preparing falsified Medicare bills. Acosta claimed before the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging, about his aversion for the Medicare fraudulent issues that were so long in practice at South Florida. Thus he took control in his own hands to remove all such forgeries occurring in Medicare, which causes the government to loose a lot of money.

Acosta however informed the Senate that prosecuting the people liable for the frauds, will not alone aid in stopping the scams in Medicare. Some drastic actions must be taken to eradicate the problem from its root. As per him, these types of forgeries are a crime and to prevent every crime from occurring, the government has to impose strict rules. So he has urged for setting up of some severe regulations that will hinder Medicare scams from occurring.

He demanded some amendment at the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). These amendments will be enforced to guarantee quick payments and side-by-side security identification, to spot the falsified Medicare bills and disapprove them directly.

Acosta found that when the people responsible for the forgeries in Medicare billings at South Florida, are tracked down, they are likely to get disappeared from their dens and travel to other states of the country to escape. Orlando and Tampa are some of the hot points where the Medicare scams occur at regular intervals.

In order to implement some ardent solutions, Acosta has appointed his legal prosecutors to search for the suppliers shipping medical supplies and equipments to considerable number of Medicare patients residing close to the supplier's office. This is to ensure that the patients should not have to travel a long distance to get medical supplies like crutches, wheelchairs and medications.

Acosta didn't confine himself to stop fraudulent cases in South Florida only. He directed to other places where such frauds are common although the rate is not as high as South Florida. This US attorney has planned to stop Medicare scams throughout the country by implementing strict regulations.

Mel Martinez, the Senator of Florida has expressed his regrets as most of the Medicare scams were found to have its epicenter at Florida. Martinez has proposed two legislations in order to prevent Medicare scams. The Senator asked for eradication of the usage of Social Security digits by the Medicare recipients and processing the billings under tight security analysis to trace forgeries.

Inspector General Daniel Levinson of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported that health care invites the frauds as the fines are low than other crimes, the options are swiftly duplicated. Also, there is a thought among these fraudsters of not getting tracked down. Levinson has therefore claimed that the people who are found guilty of causing the scams must be reprimanded, as this is a sort of crime.


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