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Yuma Rehab Gives Life to Parkinson Disease Patients

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Yuma Rehab Gives Life to Parkinson Disease Patients

Yuma Rehab Gives Life to Parkinson Disease Patients

Patients troubled with Parkinson's disease can now get effective treatments at Yuma Rehabilitation center. Here patients are treated by expert occupational therapists, thus helping them to attain their goals and to lead a healthy life. Medicare also pays for the treatment programs. This article enumerates the details of the rehab center and its programs.

The patients affected with Parkinson's disease have now a way out of their miserable lives. From the year 2007, therapists Rosanna Ruiz along with Anna Rinholen are assisting these patients to accomplish their individual objectives, thus enabling them to return to the normal course of their life. Ruiz and Rinholen treat Parkinson's disease patients in their Yuma Rehab community with superior health care solutions that leads to the overall development of the patients.

Parkinson's is a disease of the brain, which takes place as soon as nerve cells go dead or gets damaged. Some of the common indications of Parkinson's disease are sluggishness in movement, trembling of the body, inflexibility and problem in maintaining equilibrium of the body. All these hinder the patient from doing his daily work.

At Yuma Rehab, every Parkinson's disease patient is attended with extreme care. Each of these patients are offered with a leaflet and asked to pen down their objectives and ultimate aim. The rehab acts only as the medium enabling the patients to attain their aims.

Patients are prescribed effective exercises which they can practice in their homes. With regular practice of such exercises, they are able to counter their inabilities and achieve what they aim.

Rinholen claimed that as Parkinson's disease is such a disorder that can never be healed, but with the right treatment and exercises, one can fight off its disastrous effects up to an extent. At Yuma Rehab, the patients are required to report 4 days in each week, for a period of 4 weeks, in order to get the right therapy. However, the patients are encouraged to visit the rehab center over and over again to get the therapies, as one cannot get rid of Parkinson's disease.

Presently, Ruiz along with Rinholen is on process of using the “Lee Silverman Voice Treatment” procedure, which is also commonly known as LSVT method. This treatment procedure is still under research and development program and has been invented to enable the Parkinson's disease patients to develop their speech, verbal ability and mobility.

The treatment is offered to the patients only from the Yuma rehabilitation center. Rinholen has been appointed as one of the occupational therapist in this rehabilitation center. Patients can get compensation from Medicare for the treatment of their Parkinson's disease through such healing program. Even Medicare reimburses for the chief care carriers. Around 25 Parkinson's disease patients are already undergoing the treatment program.

Ruiz, another authorized occupational therapist of the Yuma Rehabilitation center has remarked that the condition of patients undergoing the rehab's treatment program and therapies, are gradually recovering from their miserable health condition.

Excepting the common indications of Parkinson's disease, every patient reflects some sort of unusual indications of the disease. But with the treatment program offered in the rehab, the disease effects can be controlled.

Here the patients are found to practice some common exercises like performing big movements all of a sudden, speaking in a loud voice and at a high pitch, extending their arms and legs along with the body, reading texts and many others.

Those patients who have Parkinson's disease and want to get similar therapies can contact Ruiz or Rinholen at 314-8812, for appointments and registration for the treatment program.


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