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Exclusions under Travel Insurance

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Exclusions under Travel Insurance

Exclusions under Travel Insurance

Just as in other insurance plans, there are certain conditions that are not covered under travel insurance. Being informed about these exclusions under travel insurance is the best way in which you can be prepared. Take a look at the general exclusions that are applicable in most travel insurance plans.

General Exclusions under Travel Insurance

The general exclusions that you will find in most policies relate to acts of nature, war and nuclear accidents, chemical or biological terrorist acts etc. These are exclusions you will find in most travel insurance plans. You may also find other exclusions like dishonesty, fraud, bankruptcy of the travel agent you have booked with etc. The insurance may also not apply if you have been negligent in some way.

Medical Exclusions

You may also face certain exclusions so far as pre existing conditions are concerned. The carrier may also refuse you coverage on the basis of you availing of medical treatment without the consent of the carrier concerned. It is always a good idea to find out about the existing clause provided by the company. You should also find out whether they follow a look back policy. If they do, find out how far in your health record they will go in order to establish a pre existing condition. If you have a pre existing condition like diabetes or heart disease, it is a good idea to check up about coverage provided to their treatments.

Exclusions on Baggage and Personal Effects

Your travel insurance plan may also place exclusions on losses they will cover due to the wear and tear of older luggage, personal effects and those losses that have not been reported to the police. The company may also place restrictions on the amount of benefit they are willing to pay for these losses. These will be specified as a maximum limit that the carrier is willing to pay for your losses. Make sure you know about the maximums you can get and the documentation that is required before you get covers for these losses.

Home Country Covers Exclusion

Your policy may also include exclusions that state that you are no longer available for covers if you return to your home country before the termination of your trip. Usually, if you have taken up travel insurance, your covers will ease the moment you return to your home country. Some carriers though provide covers for treatments you started off internationally, and are carrying on in your home country. These provisions are explained in your policy, so make sure you know them well.

All covers provided by your travel insurance carrier will depend on the usual, reasonable, and customary clause. This determines the normal levels which should be charged in case of a loss. If you are looking for covers, your carrier will use these to determine how much you should get in covers. This is done to ensure that the claims are not unreasonable in amount.


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