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Travel Health Insurance Benefits

Travel Health Insurance Benefits

The basic benefit you would like to consider when you are buying travel insurance is the health insurance benefit. These benefits will include covers for treatments of illnesses or injuries that are not excluded from coverage. The reimbursements you receive will depend on the Reasonable and Customary clause assigned to the costs. This will vary with the region you are seeking covers in. the typical covers provided for medical expenses will include intensive care and nursing care, hospitalization costs, operating charges, anesthetics, surgical treatments conducted out of patient, ambulation and medications. When you require acute care, even covers for pre existing illnesses may be provided if you are buying travel health insurance. For example, if an asthmatic requires emergency care while he is having an asthma attack, he may receive covers. Of course, if you are receiving covers for pre existing medical conditions also, your benefit levels are likely to be much lower than those provided for care without pre existing conditions. Always go through the exclusions in travel health insurance before you finalize a policy purchase. The section below will provide you with details on the benefits you may receive. Know about hospital indemnity benefits, dental insurance benefits and medical evacuation benefit also. Gather information on accidental death benefits and repatriation of remains. Also go through the emergency medical room reunion benefit and the Hazardous Sports Coverage.

You may receive certain hospital indemnity benefits from some plans. Under this benefit, the insured receives a fixed amount of money for every day that he spends in the hospital. He receives this in addition to the covered costs under the plan.

Certain plans also cover dental insurance with the travel insurance plans. However, the covers are usually confined to emergency care only. The benefit levels for this provision have a fixed maximum limit and it is usually much lower than the medical benefits offered by the policy you are buying.

The medical evacuation benefit provides you with covers in case you need emergency evacuation to another facility. This benefit is usually available if the area you are in does not provide adequate care for your condition. It will be the prerogative of the insurance company to decide which facility you should be transferred to and the choice is not the patientís. In certain cases, you may require emergency evacuation to your home country also. This is called medical repatriation. The costs of medical repatriation are prohibitive. Due to this, you may have a maximum limit imposed on the medical evacuation benefit.

Some plans also provide an Accidental Death Benefit or Common Carrier Accidental Death. These are supplemental benefits provided by the plans. Under these benefits, if the insured person dies during the policy period, the beneficiaries provided in the list receive a certain amount of money. As is common with all other life insurance plans, there are certain restrictions imposed on the payment. Also, the benefits depend on the cause of death.

In the event of death of the insured in a foreign land, the remains of the person may need to be brought back. You will get this benefit in most of the plans. This is provided through the repatriation of remains benefit. Like other supplemental benefits in a travel insurance plan, these also have a fixed maximum level payable.

If the insured person has an illness or injury during his/her travels and it needs prolonged stay at a hospital, the insurance company may provide an Emergency Medical Reunion Benefit. Under this benefit, the company pays for the travel costs of a family member or friend to go and stay with the person. The company also pays for the person to return with you.

Certain plans also provide an optional benefit called the Hazardous Sports Coverage. You do not get covers for injuries sustained during participation on hazardous sport in normal travel insurance. I you decide to take part in certain dangerous sports like motor cycle riding, mountain climbing, sky diving or bungee jumping, you may want to include this benefit for an added cost.

Refer to the information on choosing a travel medical insurance plan for more details that you should consider.


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