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Travel Insurance Coverage

Travel Insurance Coverage

The travel insurance coverage you are offered will differ from company to company, because each will offer its own sops that will attract you. There are covers that you are mandated to possess by the country you are travelling to. Other countries might just leave the question of coverage up to you. Whatever the covers being offered, it is very important for you to know what the necessary ones are, so that you are not caught unawares in an emergency.

The most important part of the travel insurance coverage you are receiving is the medical travel insurance coverage. This is because if you are injured or become ill during travel, you will need these covers the most. This is the most basic of covers people look for when they are going for travel insurance. The other covers you may want to secure include loss of baggage and trip cancellation due to circumstances that are unavoidable.

The outline of the typical covers that the insurance company provides you should include enough details that will help you in choosing the plan. You should also have a thorough idea about what the insurance company will not cover. It is no use incurring a cost and then finding out that it was not covered in your plan.

In order to find out whether you really need that travel insurance, there are certain questions you need to answer. This is important so that you do not duplicate covers unnecessarily. Try and answer these questions to find out whether you need that insurance

  • Will you be able to handle the financial costs arising out of a trip cancellation or medical bills accruing in another country?
  • Does the credit policy of the airline offer you refunds for tickets that are cancelled? Certain hotels allow you to cancel 24 hours a day. Trip cancellation in such cases does not cost you unnecessarily.
  • Does your health insurance cover you for illnesses and injuries abroad? Does your homeowner’s policy cover you for losses that result outside the country? If they do, you may need to rethink your need for travel insurance.
  • Most credit cards cover costs for rental cars and purchases. Make sure you read the agreements you entered into for these. Do they provide you the security you need?

These are the typical covers you can secure under travel insurance:

  • Emergency cancellation covers may include anything between non refundable deposits and trip cancellation due to illness, death in the family etc. Some policies also cover missed connections caused by delays.
  • Some plans also cover default by the travel providers. This includes financial default on the part of the travel agent, airline or the hotel.
  • Medical covers are also provided for injuries and illness suffered in a trip. This includes payments to doctors, hospitals and ambulance.
  • Some policies also cover losses or delay suffered in baggage delivery.

Make sure you read the travel insurance coverage that the company is providing you in details and check for any doubts you may have.


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