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Benefits under Trip Cancellation Insurance

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Benefits under Trip Cancellation Insurance

Benefits under Trip Cancellation Insurance

Apart from receiving reimbursements if your trip is cancelled, a trip cancelation policy may give you other benefits before and during your trip. The basic reason why you would purchase this kind of policy is to recover costs you have incurred while paying beforehand for certain reservations etc. it will also provide covers for you in case you have to cancel your trip before expected. The reasons which are valid for reimbursement in this case are discussed in detail in Exclusions under Trip Cancellation Insurance. This section provides you details on the trip interruption benefit which should be discussed under your trip cancellation insurance policy.

You will also get financial assistance in case your trip is unexpectedly delayed, from most trip cancellation policies. This financial assistance is provided on a per day basis and is provided so that you can pay for things like hotel accommodation etc. This help may also be provided for incidents like you missing a flight due to no fault of yours.

You might also receive financial assistance in case of loss of luggage. However, these benefits are likely to have certain limits on the maximum amount payable. This is irrespective of the value of your lost luggage. You might also receive additional compensation if your received your baggage late.

You may also receive coverage for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of remains. Your insurance policy may also give you covers in case you get injured or become ill and need to return home. The insurance company will usually provide you cover for the costs you thereby incur. The insurance company may also pay for the remains of a person to be brought back in case he dies while on the trip. An emergency reunion benefit may also be provided by the company. Under this benefit, the company will pay for a friend or a member of your family to go and stay with you if you are hospitalized for a long time. The company will pay for the transportation costs of the person in this case.

Certain policies also provide common carrier accidental death life insurance. This benefit provides for a sum of money to be paid to the beneficiary in case he dies in a plane crash.


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