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Covers under Trip Cancellation Insurance

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Covers under Trip Cancellation Insurance

Covers under Trip Cancellation Insurance

Trip cancellation insurance basically protects you against financial losses that arise out of a cancellation of a trip you have booked previously. It is important for you to remember that each policy under every carrier will have different reasons for which thy will provide you cover. For this reason, it s essential fpr you to have an idea about the common covers you may receive from your trip cancellation insurance.

Common Covers under Trip Cancellation Insurance

  • It is quite common for you, your traveling companion, or a family member to become ill just before you take that trip. If it is too late for you to cancel or change plans, you may go through financial losses. This is covered by trip cancellation insurance
  • The death of a travelling partner, the insured or a family member that results In a trip cancellation is also covered
  • The delay or cancellation of a trip due to inclement weather is also covered by trip cancellation insurance. The only thing you have to ensure is that you purchase the plan well in advance. This is because once a hurricane is declared officially, you cannot buy insurance.
  • Another unforeseeable condition that is covered includes travel disruptions due to strikes at the airlines etc.
  • You will also receive covers if your destination has been made uninhabitable because of fire, natural disasters, burglary or vandalism.
  • If you or a travelling companion have been called for jury duty and cannot postpone the call, you may receive covers. This also applies for military service calls.
  • You can also receive covers for trip cancellation insurance if you or your traveling partner is suddenly faced with unemployment and has to cancel the trip.
  • You might also receive covers for traffic accidents that cause disruption or cancellation of a trip. You will also receive covers for lost documents during your travel for instance, your visa or passport. This is a very useful cover to have in your plan.

Additional Covers under Trip Cancellation Insurance

Apart from these general covers, you may also avail of additional covers under certain plans. These include:

  • You can also claim covers for financial defaults on the part of the airliners, cruise ships etc. Though this cover is subject to being included in your plan, it is a very important cover to possess. However, whether you get it or not will also depend on the time when you purchased the plan.
  • Some plans also provide additional covers on sudden divorces or separation that take place before a trip and leads to its cancellation.
  • Some plans even provide an optional; ‘for work reason’ cancellation covers. These plans usually provide cover if you cannot make a trip because of reasons that are related to work, for instance, your company is facing a takeover or it becomes uninhabitable, so that you are put in charge.

There are a variety of trip cancellation plans that are designed to offer you cover for a variety of reasons. It is important for you to go through them in detail and then select one that is just right for you.


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