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Exclusions under Trip Cancellation Insurance

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Exclusions under Trip Cancellation Insurance

Exclusions under Trip Cancellation Insurance

Like all other insurance policies, insurance for trip cancellations also have certain conditions that are not covered under the policy. These are referred to as exclusions under the policy. If you cancel your trip for reasons that are not included in the Accepted Reasons for Trip Cancellation Insurance Reimbursement list, you may be denied covers. For example, changing your mind about an upcoming trip is not covered as a valid reason for trip cancellation. Go through this section to get a detailed idea about which costs are excluded from covers.

Even reasons which are accepted as valid by your company may have certain exclusions attached to them. The most common of these is the one for pre existing conditions. If your trip is cancelled for reasons of illness and if these illnesses were the result of a physical condition you had prior to your purchasing the policy, you will not be eligible for trip cancellation benefits.

Other exclusions which may apply to your policy are related to acts of war, attempted suicide, service in the army, alcohol, and drug abuse or pregnancy.

You may not be eligible for the medical transportation and trip cancellation benefits if it was found that your trip was cancelled because of a specific or particular act on your part. These actions or conditions may include things like participation in hazardous sports, motor racing, mental disorders or travelling against the advice of your doctor.

When you are buying any kind of insurance, you should note that the covers are provided against unforeseen or unexpected incidents. If you are proposing to buy insurance because you think that certain factors may prevent you from making the trip, you will most likely find that these are excluded from your covers.


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